What do you mean by DC Converted?

In Bangalore, the term “DC converted” refers to the process of converting agricultural land into non-agricultural (NA) or commercial/residential land. It is a legal process mandated by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) or the relevant urban development authorities.

When land is designated as agricultural, it can only be used for farming purposes and cannot be used for residential or commercial development. However, due to the rapid urbanization and increasing demand for land for non-agricultural purposes, the government allows the conversion of agricultural land into developed plots for residential or commercial use.

Once the land is DC (District Commissioner) converted, it becomes eligible for construction of buildings and can be legally used for various non-agricultural purposes, such as setting up residential layouts, commercial complexes, or industrial facilities. This process involves paying certain fees and obtaining necessary approvals from the authorities before the land can be developed for its intended purposes.

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